Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dee Dee. I am a wife to a great father and loving husband. I am a mother to a rambunctious 5 year old little boy (Pumpkin), a stubborn 3 year old little girl (Ladybug), and two lazy English Bulldogs. Friends and family will tell you that I am over-analytical, anal, sarcastic, and a wild child at heart (within reason). I simply want to share tips and products that have worked for me and my family and share some personal experiences with you. With this blog, I hope to add to the goal of becoming a better me.  Do not hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what you honestly think.  I am no expert, I am simply trying to figure it out, JUST LIKE YOU!  I learned from another blogger that I admire to GO UGLY EARLY which translates to go all in and stop waiting for the time to be just right, just go for the launch.  So here she goes…….


1.  I am a closet Fitness Fanatic. I love to hate a hard workout. I love active wear. I love fresh workouts.  Currently, I’m addicted to CrossFit.

2.  I love slushy drinks, preferably a margarita, but a Coke Icee® will suffice.

3.  I despise milk and I may have ruined my first child with this dislike.

4.  I love internet research and am addicted to my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad.

5.  I have always had an attraction for all types of music and was once a major hip hop head and alternative music junkie.

6.  I love and have always loved paper products and turned that love into an online stationery store, www.printedsugar.com.

7.  Summer is my favorite season.

8.  I need to have lists (to-do lists, bucket lists, goal lists, etc.) to function.

9.  I am a night owl. Most of my posts will be made in the wee hours of the morning!

10.  I eat one banana and two kiwis a day.