Bookworm Chronicles-Make It Happen


Make it Happen by Lara Casey

This book (in 3 sentences):

  • can actually be the turning point in your life that you have been searching for.
  • provides you with self reflection questions to encourage active participation.
  • is a practical guide for stepping out of your fear and into God’s purpose for your life.


My top 3 highlighted lines of text:

  • When God says go, then go. Trust that He has a really good plan.
  • God’s version of true happiness is so much better than what our culture presses towards. While everyone around you might be happily overspending, overindulging, or rising to the top of the success ladder at any cost, there is much greater reward for those who follow a different path. The goal is not happiness; the goal is Him.
  • Whatever you are going through right now, if it’s humbling you, making you pray, bringing you to your knees, and making you feel like you cannot do this alone, maybe there is a reason-a glorious beautiful reason.


3 reasons why I think YOU should read this book:

  • You are tired. You desire more. You don’t know where to start.
  • You want to take that leap, but you are afraid. You need the courage and faith to move forward.
  • Lara puts it all out there for you to read. She shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. And through this process, she she shows you how to look in the depths of your soul and pull out your own dreams and putting some action behind them.

Have you read this book? If so, what were your thoughts?

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