Work With Me

I am an expert in assisting entrepreneurs, busy executives, and more develop and manage their brand and businesses. Every task has its place penciled in on our calendars and yet we still need help managing our busy lives including our businesses. You may have the goals and plans outlined but you need a partner to ensure that with all your juggling, nothing gets dropped. Hello! You have ben led to the right place and I am pleased that you have stumbled upon this page. If you need more time in your day to focus on the bigger picture, you are in the right place. I specialize in detail management of businesses or personal lives as the owner of Innovative Virtual Solutions.

Innovative Virtual Solutions offer several comprehensive monthly packages to create, manage or expand your business:

  • Blog creation and maintenance
  • Social media creation and maintenance
  • E-commerece store creation and maintenance
  • Email newsletter creation and maintenance
  • Travel plans and scheduling
  • Email and calendar management

I look forward to working with you to grow your business and create a massive online presence for your product or service. Please contact me to schedule a FREE 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your business needs.